Correct and Transform

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Understanding the purpose of your Light & Shadow Attributes.

Your Light Attributes are always available and present in your life – unfortunately we often focus on the more Shadowy aspects of our life. The constant conflict and confusion about others, ones self, past and present situations seems to be a reoccurring event for many individuals.

What if your feelings or situations aren’t totally an issue of conflict or despair but rather an opportunity for purification? What if these scenarios’ are your opportunity to re-connect with the Absolute?

When you are challenged with a particular issue or uncomfortable feeling take time to identify with what is really going on for you.

What follows is a simple five-step process of ‘correct and transform’ – the key factor here is that your Shadow Attributes are gently or furiously bringing you closer to the Light. We often want to deny or ignore our Shadow Side but the truth is that it is an integral part of the human experience.

A divine example of Gods Left and Right hand patiently guiding you back home again. A Miracle is a shift in perception. We just need to be awake to the fact.


You must maintain your connection to your Source frequently through any of these acts – meditation, prayer, contemplation and quiet time walking or sitting in nature.


When an issue arises ask the question – “What or how do I really feel about this current issue or situation? Then set the intention to be healed and move beyond this limiting reality.

STEP THREE How to recognize your Shadow Attributes – What’s the issue? Example –

• Issue -“I don’t have any money coming in.” • Shadow – “It makes me feel overwhelmed and apathetic.”


Now read your list of Light and Shadow Attributes and find the Shadow Attribute that’s most strongly presenting its self – then commit to a process of ‘correct and transform’. In the above example the Light Attributes to neutralize the Shadow Attributes would be “Competent and Enthusiastic”


Do your Body Prayer of ‘Correct & Transform’- Now it is up to you to maintain your focus, acknowledge your light attributes daily and experience the benefits. Key factor – include these new Light Attributes in all that you do, in particular when in you are doing your meditations, prayers etc.

Our Point In The Heart Reveals Our Gift To Humanity


‘A Point in The Heart’ – my point in the heart took me to Paris.

Our Point in the Heart is the Light that was placed there by the Creator and is hidden by our many human desires. Until we’re able to surrender our egotistic desires and embrace our altruistic desire by merging with the Creator. – Here is my discovery about that journey.

Our connection and gifts are unexpectedly revealed to us at a particular point in time and for a specific reason – these extraordinary encounters remind us of the power and brilliance of the Creator.

  • They bestow upon us our unique configuration of the light, a blessing, and expression of our Soul’s imprint onto this world.
  • They remind us of the perfection of the Creator’s light within us.
  • They reveal to us the most precious and valuable thing we will ever have; Our Light

This photo is so precious to me because it’s exactly one of those amazing points in time, a few years have passed since this photo – but many more divine jewels have now come to light, because of that point in my and point in time.


When we don’t truly value our gifts, we, in fact, are demonstrating to the world of light (the upper world), also known as the ‘Field of Possibility’, the ‘Field of Intent’ or the ‘Quantum Field’ – that we don’t value the true nature of the Creator – and we then become disconnected or remain disconnected and live a life of repeated suffering.

In that one moment, that one elated, and profound moment I was actually experiencing an exclusive and intimate union with my God. I mindfully use the words exclusive and intimate because they are exactly the way to describe the experience that created the full and sparkling reveal of my gifts in that moment. It was like I was 200% present, I guess when you are that present all is revealed, even the Creator. That is why I had to turn out the window and commune with my maker. What I was saying as I look out the window, was this – “Dear, Dear God – I am so truly and deeply grateful to have been given such a blessed life. Glory be to thee in the highest.” And So It Is.

I now know what was occurring in that MOMENT was a major process of “correcting and transforming”, this surrendering to the Light was recalibrating my life forever. Many, many life experiences were healed right there and then…  and all my inherent gifts were revealed and activated.


I received Sanctity in that one precious moment… Of which I am eternally grateful and forever changed from that auspicious experience.

Elizabeth Ellames – The LIGHT Styler



Realms of Consciousness

This month at Temple de Lumiere we celebrated the archetype of the Enchantress, which was presented by Souzi Wilson. I would like to acknowledge Souzi for her wonderful presentation that centered around family, forgiveness and sensuality. Her message really brought home the power of love and forgiveness. At the end of Souzi’s story she graced us all with a joyful song that she wrote called “Forgive Yourself”. Thank you again Souzi for sharing your beautiful voice and story with us.

The other part of our morning was spent exploring the four realms of consciousness and how these different levels of reality are not just some lofty experience we have in meditation, but rather they are indeed real levels of experience in our daily life. What follows is a description of how we can work with each of our archetypes in these realms to fulfill our true purpose in life.

Physical Realm (OUR EARTHLY NEEDS)                                                                    What is the nature of your life purpose? This is where you draw on the qualities of your particular archetype in the physical sense. This archetype helps you to stay focused on your true nature in your life/business/vocation. By identifying with the particular attributes of this cornerstone you gain finer distinctions regarding WHAT your foundational aptitude is and then accordingly activate it in your life. This archetype is the driving force behind the way you present your self in the world.

Emotional Realm (FEELINGS & RELATIONSHIPS)                                                    Why are you in this particular vocation/relationship? This archetypes true power stems from its emotional nature and is the one you draw from to get your message across. The way to be attractive in your vocation/life is by appealing to the emotional needs of your particular relationships/market or audience. Authenticity is paramount and this is the realm of feelings, so coming from your heart and rather than your head is the best way to deliver your communication/message. By applying the attributes from this archetype, rather than trying to copy someone else’s mode of conduct, you will feel comfortable and more confident in your style and delivery. When you are emotionally connected to WHY you are sharing your vision or your life, people will respond accordingly.

Spiritual Realm (CREATIVE PROCESS & SKILLS)                                                         How do you like to operate and relate in your vocation? Here is where you connect to HOW you like to be creative; the way you like to express your inner resources and abilities. Ask yourself what creative systems/modalities do you like to work with the most. The attributes of this archetype will signify what sustains your inner world, your spirit. When you are unable to serve this part of yourself, it will show up in your vocation. A lack of spirit is not attractive; where as a vision that is alive with your own personal spark is what keeps people interested. The great thing about this insight is you don’t have to do anything but be yourself and be a creative expression of your vision in your life.

Celestial Realm (ALLIANCE & EXCELLENCE)                                                                  Who are the people you want to serve or team up with? This is the key to finding out what your true niche is. This is how to best serve the people you are in alignment with in the world. These are the people WHO want to benefit from your highest and most refined talents. This is where you really shine; using the attributes of this particular archetype will help you identify and attract the people who want to listen to you, buy your products and use your services. These attributes are the key to revealing your true excellence and perfected nature. This is you matching your intention with the intention of creation and evolution. 

Blessings Abound

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Blessings Abound

Elizabeth Ellames

Heartfelt Reality



Now, more than ever, we must learn to apply the Heavenly science of the Light to help humankind.

The celestial event of the Venus transit happening on June 5th & 6th will affect us for many years to come. It brings with it the message that there is a new and great force emerging in our world, a force that evokes the Christic energy that lives within our soul, and which manifests in all the great and wonderful occurrences of our lives.

They say before the fall of human beings we had the faculty to perceive and understand the hidden, eternal truths via an inner spiritual organ. This spiritual organ was given to us as a result of our purity and immortality. After the Fall, when we rendered ourselves mortal and corruptible, we received the outer organs we now call the five senses.

Indeed, at present, our inner faculty is enveloped in gross matter to the extent that the external eye cannot see into the spiritual realms, we are deaf to the sounds of the metaphysical world, and our speech has been paralysed so that we can barely stammer the words of the sacred.

These are the words that were once ours, and through them we held sway over the elemental forces and the external world. Therefore, we must learn the higher way in order to develop the lost inner faculty that allows us to perceive the hidden, eternal truths.

Now is the time for the greater truths concerning our Divine Nature to be shared and expanded upon throughout the world. Moreover, the Divine has ordained its usage so that the promise of great transformation can be brought about exactly at this time; we have held this space in time for worldwide healing since the beginning of ages past.

The essence of life and leadership lies in the Way of the Heart and in the conquering of our negative karmic influences that create duality in our life. The great work in the world is performed by restoring our spiritual faculties, the same law, the same order, and the same regularity, by which all beings are directed in Nature. After 20 years of devoted visioning, I am now in holy celebration, because we at Temple de Lumiere, are actually consciously participating in this auspicious time in history. Thank you – I am so grateful for your arrival.

Blessings abound,
Elizabeth xxx

Finding Your Creativity

Attention to the inner workings of our psyche can help us make creativity central to our lives.

Thoughts on Creativity – by Jean Houston

They say that ideas are a dime a dozen. They are not. Ideas are diamonds, and they are stocked and stored in the great structure that we call our mind-body system. Beneath the surface crust of ordinary consciousness, we are all filled with ideas and associations linking with other ideas–the very stuff of evolution moving in us to emerge as innovation.

Our deeper mind is making associations all the time.

It’s just that we generally don’t inhabit enough of ourselves to become aware of them. What is it about people who do inhabit more of themselves? Why is it that they can take things from the outer world, put them together with things from the inner world, and create something new.

Part of the secret of creativity is learning to look at things in different ways. Children are very good at this, as their minds have not yet hardened into set patterns. You may have heard of the little girl who had been trying for days to insert a rope-belt into her pajamas. One hot day she came in from playing and went to the freezer to get an ice-cube. Looking at the ice-cube, it occurred to her that if she wet the rope and froze it into a horseshoe shape, she could slide it through the open band of her pyjamas.

When most of us tramp through the fields and get burrs on our pants, we pull them off, being careful not to let them stick to our fingers. But one man looked in a different way at those prickly burrs adhering to his trousers.

Not too long after, he invented Velcro. Johann Gutenberg watched grapes being pressed and thought, what if you pressed letters that way? That was the beginning of the printing press, which led to this book and everything else you read. Creativity has to do with really noticing the things that are without, letting them bloom in the great within, and being available to the possibility of novelty.

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