Developing A Story Based Brand

Archetype and Avatar Branding goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding.


Why Is It Important? – The refreshing approach to Archetype and Avatar Branding invites you and your audience or community to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment. You and your audience connect through the values of your archetypes and avatars, (your brand) because you both instinctively resonate to a similar set of values and story.

Of course, what fulfills one person will not inspire another.


How do you find out what your brand is and what your audience is truly looking for… and how does that work in your life?

Working with the Living Attributes Typology is a practical tool that uncovers those needs. The process of identifying your combination of Story Archetypes (inner motivation) and Brand Avatars (outer motivation) collectively ignites and inspires your natural potential and the purpose of your brand.


This also reveals where your creative impulse and intention come from that drives your leadership style. Understanding the attributes of your different Story Archetypes and the qualities of your Brand Avatars adds value to your life and your brand, which in turn adds value to the lives of others by fulfilling their needs and desires.

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Elizabeth Ellames – My role as a story-based branding consultant is to take you through a step-by-step process that identifies and aligns you with your valuable story and your purpose in life; Your Brand

Your Story Creates Your Value


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“Did you know the most successful presentations are about 65% stories and 25% figures, with the remainder an explanation of your credibility?”

Even though a presentation needs many elements to create magic, it’s hard to deny the power a great story can add to a presentation.

A well-crafted story can take your audience far away from the world of business-jargon and inspire them to truly feel your message, imagine scenarios, and envision fresh ideas. As a result of your story and emotional impact of your tale, your audience will often remember the overall message of your presentation for many years to come.

For your presentations, consider starting with a story, ending with a story, or weaving a narrative throughout your entire presentation; which ever option you choose, your audience will relish the experience.

Here are a few more ideas on creating an effective presentation – it’s very important to develop your own lexicon; the language connected to your brand. This is what strengthens your story and creates quality engagement – You must first and foremost become a committed and talented storyteller of your own Brand!

• Live within your brands philosophy by telling your story well and only speak that particular language around your audience/tribe/community.

• To serve your audience well, they have to recognize your lexicon as their language too – this is a large part of identifying who your tribe actually is.

• You must create and know the lexicon and story of your own Brand so well that you become fluent with its story and message, which helps others to pick it up and want to follow it and share it.

BIG TIP PEEPs – don’t copy other peoples lexicon and story thinking it will work for your personal brand and story. It is extremely important and necessary that your lexicon and story are BORN out of YOU; they need to be an expression of your absolute authentic truth. That is what makes your message powerful!


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Personal and Progressional


fullsizeoutput_2c07There’s lots of information out there today about what, why and how important it is to have a vibrant personal and professional brand?

But what does that really mean?

Well, Lets start here… I’ve changed the title of what I do from ‘personal and professional branding’ to ‘personal and progressional branding’. Because, I believe to be successful in life, we need to know how we can add value in the world and we need to be creative and progressive. It’s been my experiences that people who want to live a larger story place more value on being a “Creative Progressive” rather than a “Qualified Professional”.

So, as a dedicated Cultivator… I’m going to share with you my take, on what really matters when it comes to personal and progressional branding.

Here’s how I see it…

1. Know Yourself

Truth is you first need to know yourself and what your gifts are, which requires identifying your archetypical patterning. Because it’s through the process of recognizing your archetypes and values that you learn who you are, which then leads to what you have to offer.

2. Trust Yourself

The next step is clarifying your shadow attributes and in doing so, you begin to trust yourself more, by highlighting some of these attributes you start to see where you’ve been operating out of alignment. In a nutshell, you get to see in your life what does work and what doesn’t work, which gives you the clarity and courage to correct and transform persistent and unproductive behaviours. This new practice accelerates your trust in yourself and builds lasting confidence around the benefits of your new awareness and actions.

3. Discover Your Purpose

Get specific about what, why, who and how you are going to add value and by the way this is everyone’s purpose is in life; to add value. I know that sounds too simple, but its been my experience over and over again that people who have a desire to be on purpose, also want to add value to the world, they go hand in hand. Developing a personal and progressional brand is all about the quality, drive and consistency you apply to defining and refining your personal development, this is what reveals your true value.

Please note – Your Brand has to be “born out of you” not a textbook, webinar or a copy of someone else’s brand. Great brands are built from the inside out and it is your values that form your ever-lasting context in which your content can grow. Truth is any one who has ever made a real difference in the world has done exactly this; they had to find out what their true value was and then use it to create change and add value to other people’s lives.

4. Live A Larger Story

Making the decision to live a larger story requires that you have dreams, desires and a healthy dose of direction. It also requires that you step up and say yes to the call. Once you’ve established where you can add value in the world and why you are the best person for that role, the rest follows naturally. Now I’m not saying it’s always smooth sailing or you won’t come face to face with a few emotional challenges. Because you will – that’s the nature of our human experience and we all know that a really good story requires plenty of colour, emotion and texture to make it truly interesting.

So, if you’re keen to develop your brand and instinctively know there’s a larger story just wanting to burst forth from the core of your being, check out what Living Attributes and Real Deal seminars has on offer.

I would love to assist you in uncovering your larger story.

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Elizabeth Ellames – Personal and Progressional Branding / the art of adding value.

Be The Magic People Want

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Frequently Remind Yourself Of What Works !!

Even when our ideas and branding is successful, we don’t always take the time to understand what’s working so that we can repeat that success.

We happily embrace the possibility of new clients every day, often without knowing how and why they magically showed up.

Here are some questions to ask yourself around why people magically picked your brand.

  • How did my last customer find my business?
  • What were they looking for when they found me?
  • Why did they choose me?
  • What problem are they hoping I can help them solve?
  • What part of my promise do they most want to believe?
  • And how does helping them… make me feel?

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Elizabeth Ellames

Choose Your Influences


Hi Real Dealers,

I had a little visit to Rundle Mall Adelaide the other day for a bit of retail action after a week of creative contemplation toward shaping my destiny.

Very interesting, while walking around looking at all the new apparel thats on offer ,which can grace my approaching identity… I felt some what confused – it took awhile for me to work out what was happening, it was in fact an acute sensory over load. The department store I was visiting has had a major make over – which means each clothing label has its own theme; branding. It also meant they had different music playing to compliment each label, Geez I felt like I was in car of 16 year olds who need to change the radio station every five minutes.

Music has always been a huge influencer that clearly defines our tribe… My experience that day  was a wonderful unexpected experiment exposed. Even as a well rehearsed and competent image consultant I wasn’t even able to identify with any of the present and available clothing hanging on the racks. It was only when I couldn’t hear any cross cultural theme music that I could remember “what clothing I actually liked” and then Shazam there it all was…. I couldn’t see clearly because I couldn’t hear clearing…

So next time you are checking out any new gear to wear and dare, perhaps first check in with your own Real Deal barometer.

Sensory overload can indeed create a very confused identity.

The only way to overcome this interesting little dilemma is by having a clearly defined context around “who you actually are…”that way at least you have a good base you can return to when you find yourself in the land of sensory overload.

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