We Are All Part Of The Human Story.


I believe our human story began with the evolution of human consciousness, which then started to build the earths noosphere (the thinking layer of earth). When men and women began to share their stories (their art) around the camp fire and on the walls of their caves we began to grow our ability to relate to each other.

Some how we knew it was important to tell of our experiences, how we hunt, how we travel, how we live and how we dream. It became a quintessential part of our human experience, the ability to tell story is indeed our rudimentary foundation.

Simply put, with out story we don’t know what we believe in, but with story we can define our heritage, find meaning in what matters to us and learn what is good and bad. Story can be fact or fiction and still have the same effect, if we can relate to the characters or images in a story we can be moved by its message. Story doesn’t always have to deliver a profound message, it can simply be delightful, humourous or even practical.

I always see story in three parts, it has a past, a present and a future. Continue reading “We Are All Part Of The Human Story.”