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We have entered a new frontier of awareness, which requires women to be New Style Leaders. ‪

If you’re one of these New Style Leaders, chances are you’ve outgrown some areas of your life. The way you operate your career, lifestyle, relationships may now feel foreign to you, so it’s an understatement to say you probably feel a little isolated.

Especially as a New Style Leader, you could be asking yourself questions like…

Why am I here? 

How can I make more of a difference? 

Who else do I know that is on a higher purpose?

Be assured, if you’re traveling on the road of leadership you are right where you need to be, and finding your “tribe” is a fundamental part of your journey. Here are some tips on consciously calling in your Authentic Leadership Powers that will support you on your journey.

Keys To Staying True To Your Leadership.

Being The Real Deal – Simply put ‘You need to be the Real Deal’… Before you can fully step into your leadership you must know who you are and be living a life in alignment with that truth. You will attract like-minds – but they may be people who are simply matching what you are projecting out to the world. So if that’s an innocent mask of people pleasing, control or enabling, you’re connections and results are likely to be of a similar nature.

Create Distinctions – Understand that the roles people have played in your life have given you a greater understanding and experience of life. Make distinctions around your leadership from a place of development, empowerment and personal responsibility. Often blame justifies our current “Busy” or “Disruptive” lifestyle and can be a wonderful excuse for not creating the right direction and team.

Responsibility – Its important to take full responsibility for your life and the part you played in past relationships and experiences, this creates a deeper awareness around authentic connection – real deal teams don’t put up with B.S – they’ll hold you accountable to being the best leader you can be, call you on your stuff and inspire you to lead with integrity, confidence, passion and clarity.

Identify And Clarify – Make a conscious decision about who you want to be as a leader and where that’s heading, what you want and don’t want for the future – then create the lifestyle and people who can support that – many times you know what you don’t want because you’ve experienced it. So change that by only focusing on what works well.

Review Your Relationships – Recognise old relationships that no longer serve you – this doesn’t mean they are ‘bad’ or what they are choosing to do with their life is wrong. It just means you need to be supported in your leadership. This takes a commitment to yourself and your vision, which fosters the best version of you. And you need to create personal boundaries around how you choose to be influenced.

Edify And Unify Your Connections – Identify the kindred spirits already in your life that support your leadership and consciously edify and unify these friendships, because they are part of your tribe and extremely valuable.

End Relationships That Hinder – Cut energetic ties that bind you to the past and to old ideas about who you think you are, and who others think you are. Allow yourself to be a leader, then confidently create and sustain relationships that nourish and support your vision.

Add Value And Shine – Correct and transform any personal behavior that lowers your vibration and observe how you attract people who may be mirroring negative beliefs around you. Give yourself permission to shine. This may require gently re-educating some people about who you are as a new style leader.

Raise Your Resonance – Call in your TribeTalkers© by becoming a vibrational match for who and what you want to attract as a leader. If you want creative people who respect you and share an aligned vision, ask yourself:

Am I expressing my creativity?

Do I respect my ability to lead?

Am I clearly living my leadership?

In Summary – Recognize Your Leadership And Your Tribe

Understand how to recognise your TribeTalkers© when you connect with them. Be Brave, Be Real, Be Present and notice if people feel energetically appropriate, notice if you’re energising them and take action to follow up those connections.

Leaders need people who are on their team… Yes?

You need people who are on your team!

  • You need to understand your role as a team player.
  • Find out who’s available to share in your story.
  • Create a team who inspire you to be a better person.
  • Promote your new style of leadership to humanity.

Connect with people who make you feel appreciated, valued, and deeply understood…

Take the pledge to be a New Style Leader, welcome these concepts into your life and your TribeTalkers© will be waiting on the other side.

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Elizabeth Ellames

The Power of Your Story and Your Archetypes

Did you know that great brands have compelling stories attached to them that also have particular archetypes, which drive the story to connect with their appropriate customers/audience?

And NOT every brand draws their power from the same archetypes.

Plus, successful brands value their customers by acknowledging their basic and spiritual human needs.

Document1 (1)Using an innovative and cognitive approach to personal branding coupled with clear storytelling principles Living Attributes gets to the heart of what really matters in your life and in your business/leadership: your customers/community/audience.

When you understand your customers/community/audience… their behaviors, dreams, and needs. You can connect your products and services to their hearts and minds, which creates a clear pathway to brand loyalty.

paris-2Applying the Living Attributes Archetypes and Avatars Typology, we begin to uncover the archetypal images that you and your customers/audience instinctively associate with around your brand. Recognizing and linking these appropriate archetypes, together with an interesting brand story creates a powerful marketing message and can attract loyal customers to your business. With these valuable insights into the way the human psyche works, your products and services go beyond conventional beliefs about marketing and advertising. In this engaging process of personal development, you learn how to connect deeply with your customers. Successful brands like Apple, Nike and Ikea enjoy an unusual level of customer loyalty.

womanWhy is that? – More than just selling products and services, these brands fulfill their customer’s social and spiritual needs. Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and psychiatrist Carl Jung researched, trialed and formed many psychological insights around human basic needs and archetypical patterning, which shaped a new way of looking at the human experience. The Living Attributes Archetype Typology identifies and defines the power of one’s archetypes, which are universal mental (collective consciousness) images and patterns of behavior that all humans share.

This informative and comprehensive system has a social and spiritual philosophy as well as a personal and professional one. It reveals and explains how your personal brand can also be connected to your professional product/service brand/leadership. Suggesting that your inner world will in fact imprint onto your outer world. Once you have a true understanding of your own particular archetypes and how they can create customer loyalty, you are able to create a community of Brand Believers or Brand Tribers who are happy to support you, simply because you are supporting them at a deeper level by serving their human needs, dreams, and desires.

If you would like to know more on how to create your personal brand from a place of new style leadership, unity, pure intent and unbounded imagination – I can help you walk that path.

Living Attributes is your doorway into living a larger story!

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Archetype and Avatar Branding


The internet is going wild at present with the concept of Archetype and Avatar Branding, which makes me very excited to share with you the deeper purpose of my business Living Attributes.

I have been writing and presenting on the power of Archetypical Patterning now for over 20 years… 

The Living Attributes Typology is different to other systems because it was born from my own experience.  I began witnessing people’s archetypical patterning long before I had even heard of the term. I first began to recognize a person’s archetypes while I was working with them as an image consultant and personal development facilitator and have continued to work with people at this level ever since. The exciting news is the Living Attributes system has grown and developed enormously over the years into a comprehensive and creative tool, which helps women identify what their life’s purpose is and how to best use their archetypical connections to become a New Style Leader in our world. The system explores all aspects of your life:


A good story is always told from many levels.

  • A step-by-step approach that makes it easy for you to understand and communicate your personal culture and strengths; Your Valuable Life Story.
  • By using the Living Attributes system you can create your personal brand, your identity, and your quest.
  • We know storytelling is the age-old art that connects people and archetypes are the architects of story… There is no story without them.

Archetypes are universal characters that cross all time, culture and history; Storytelling connects people at a deep, emotionally charged level.

Your personal story can be an inspiration to others and when you fully connect to your deep archetypical patterning, it awakens a larger story and meaningful life. It also enables you to communicate in a more compelling and consistent manner. Your message can guide your story and move the hearts of people you meet and do business with.

The more connected and authentic you are, the more memorable your story becomes, and the easier it is to communicate to your audience. The Living Attributes system has many key elements that are discussed at your personal culture appointment, this session is designed to identify and help you build your New Style Leadership values and strengths. Through this process, I will uncover and align your story with your business or vocation and put strategies in place to assist you on your journey.

I also have extensive experience at facilitating New Style Leadership groups – So if you are someone who really wants to step up and start living the life you are encoded to live, Living Attributes can help you do that. Living Attributes gives you tools to identify your archetypes and then put their amazing qualities to use so you can shine and live your true story.

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Express Your Self

The Teacher Archetype is expressive at heart. Undeniably she is a true and admired communicator. Compassion is her gift and confidence her driving force.


Reveal The Real Deal?

Elizabeth Ellames

Founder and Creative Director of Living Attributes/Unite the Light

We Are All Part Of The Human Story.


I believe our human story began with the evolution of human consciousness, which then started to build the earths noosphere (the thinking layer of earth). When men and women began to share their stories (their art) around the camp fire and on the walls of their caves we began to grow our ability to relate to each other.

Some how we knew it was important to tell of our experiences, how we hunt, how we travel, how we live and how we dream. It became a quintessential part of our human experience, the ability to tell story is indeed our rudimentary foundation.

Simply put, with out story we don’t know what we believe in, but with story we can define our heritage, find meaning in what matters to us and learn what is good and bad. Story can be fact or fiction and still have the same effect, if we can relate to the characters or images in a story we can be moved by its message. Story doesn’t always have to deliver a profound message, it can simply be delightful, humourous or even practical.

I always see story in three parts, it has a past, a present and a future. Continue reading “We Are All Part Of The Human Story.”