Participating with Purpose


Life presents us with so many competing demands that any thought toward a larger purpose gets lost in a storm of “but how”. Our days are consumed by chores: taking care of our body, our family, our job, and our possessions. We talk to people without really connecting and remaining spare time often dissipates into our favored distractions.

The meaning of any act no matter how small is derived from having a purpose. But we tend to lose touch with the purpose of what we do. We often fall into the routine of details, not relating to how the job serves society. We respond to the needs of the moment or the day, letting the opportunities of our life just slip away.

A spiritual path though aligns us with the great purpose of the universe.

Although we remain only dimly aware of that purpose, something tells us that when we practice being present, do our prayer/meditation, practice compassion and actively seek wisdom, we simultaneously serve both our own purpose and a greater purpose. The truth of purpose goes even further; one could say that the Creator is the purpose, a profound mountain of purpose behind the cosmos, a purpose that creates and sustains the universe and us. Through our spiritual practice, our creative work, our acts of love, kindness, peace, and responsibility, we participate directly in that great purpose of The Most Sacred And Holy One.

Are we connected to our purpose while standing in line at the checkout? We need to feed our family, be kind to others and be fully present with people, so I guess the answer is yes. Living with intention connects us with a greater intention; the Creators intention, which is where we find meaning, this includes the meaning of each moment of our life. Participating with purpose brings about a confidence that what you do matters, that your inner work matters beyond yourself. Participating with purpose brings with it a happy and meaningful life.

The Spiritual Purpose of Life

In the sixteenth century Isaac Luria a renowned Kabbalist used the phrase Tikkun Olam, usually translated as repairing the world; this is the correcting and transforming role of humanity in the ongoing evolution of consciousness. Luria taught that the Creator created the world by forming vessels of light to hold the Divine Light. But as the Creator poured the Light into the vessels they shattered and tumbled down toward the realm of matter, the lower worlds. Thus, our world consists of countless creations of the original vessels, which are entrapped with the holy sparks of Divine Light. Humanity’s great task involves helping the Creator by freeing and reuniting these scattered holy sparks. By helping in the raising of these sparks back to the upper worlds, we are purposefully participating in divine restoration.

We meet similar concepts in other religions. The Christ; know as Jesus promised to return with the Kingdom of Heaven and encouraged people to prepare through love, wakefulness, and charity. In Buddhism, the Bodhisattva vows to forgo final liberation until all beings have been freed from suffering. The Gnostics held that a spark of Divinity resides entrapped within the soul of humans.

These concepts encompass both outer and inner work, both service to society by helping those in need and service to the Divine by liberating the spark within us – The Light. It’s learning to add value to the world through our generosity of spirit, and finding heaven in our heart. As we are, the Divine spark lies hidden beneath our layers of egoistic self-centeredness. That spark of light is our true value, through which Divine Will flows toward us. By pursuing spiritual inner work to strengthen our soul and purify our heart, we grow more able to bear that spark without shattering. The work of transformation and building of a soul creates a sound vessel for the Holy Spark, which then returns that spark back to the service of “The Most Sacred And Holy One”. Working to perfect our self and our soul through serving society, we contribute to the perfecting of the world. This is our creative expression, duty, and our calling as human beings. To contemplate and enter the process of repairing or perfecting the world, we need to understand the concept of the world. All the major religious traditions present a hierarchy of worlds or levels of being, from the one we ordinarily inhabit to the ultimate world of Divinity.

For example, the worlds are Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Celestial. Beyond all these is The Most Sacred And Holy One; the Creator, the Boundless and Absolute. Each of the worlds corresponds to a progressively higher level of cosmic energy that relates to the levels of one’s soul.

  • The Physical realm utilizes the energy from which the soul can grow more.
  • The Emotional realm is built on conscious energy, the basis of awareness.
  • The Spiritual realm works with creative energy, which is brought to life by the Light.
  • The Celestial realm, which is Divine Purpose, brings with it the energy of Radiant Love, which forms greater coherence with the Most Sacred And Holy One.

The basic principles are that the seeker pursues spiritual practice to transform his or her being and rise through the levels of the realms/worlds, to bring his or her own will back to Divine will, while opening a way for the higher energies to flow down to this world, and thereby advancing the great process of restoration.

For millennia many spiritual masters have sought to serve this process by meditating on, and opening to the higher energy of Divine Love and Light this is the Light of the Radiant Self. They allow the Light to spread through them as if sitting in its midst and draw the Light down for the Earth, for life, for their own soul. The possibility of opening to the Divine Light stands within reach of us all if we are prepared to do the necessary inner work.

For those who can, yet another possibility presents itself, with a pure heart and a quiet mind, the person creates contact with Divine Light and raises the Light up into the Radiant Self, then offering the Light to the Creator in a sacred act of service, which is hidden (Higher Chamber) in the higher worlds. Only then does the person open the channel for the Light to flow down through his or her soul into our world. The idea of Divine Restoration places spiritual practice at the heart of this epic unfolding of the universe: it is the evolution and spiritualization of creation. With each small act of kindness, with each moment of being fully present, with each effort to see, cleanse, and integrate our inner life, with each heartfelt prayer opening to the higher energies and the higher will, we build the new world and serve the Divine Architect.

In conclusion, the outcome of the whole process remains uncertain because of the nature of free will. Truth is though serving our planet and fulfilling our highest destiny really does matter. Our personal inner work does, in fact, make a difference. If we can raise ourselves to the station where the Divine can see and act through us, then we complete the momentous work of restoring at least one part to the Whole. This story of Divine Restoration helps us discover a vision of unbounded meaning; it gives purpose to perfecting ourselves, perfecting the world and creating a genuine connection with the Creator.


Elizabeth Ellames



The Star archetype is always ready to shine. She expands her sphere of influence by making quality connections. Her gift is humble but strong.    


The Butterfly


The Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change.                                     If she comes to us hurt or ill, Butterfly asks us to stop keeping our joy at bay. You may need to take some time to be alone with yourself and listen to Butterfly’s gentle requests. From this renewed space within, allow the natural transformation of things in your life to unfold.


The Wise Woman


The Wise Woman archetype has a kind and understanding heart. Her gifts are many and her presence brings with it Discernment and Grace.


How you get on purpose and add value?


You have to name the problem or obstacle first before you can begin to create the solution. Mm… So, what do you see in the world that needs correcting. For me it’s that pesky mediocrity, which of coarse comes in many forms. Finding your purpose is all about the way you identify and clarify where you believe you can add value… this is what really counts. After you have taken the time to connect at this level it’s important to get really specific around how you are going to create this positive change in the world.

The challenge I see in the world is “Mediocrity” and the way I want to correct and transform it is by starting at the root cause, which is with the people. You see my quest is to create True Prosperity and Build Culture, while my persistent obstacle mediocrity. My commitment is to tend to both of the first concepts. The simple truth is they both live in the mind and heart of the person housing them. We either have a desire to prosper or a desire to remain the same and it’s my purpose in life to help people find their own prosperity and culture.

That’s what will change the world!! Generosity of spirit, a brightness of the future, feelings of blissfulness and the restoration of a complete life are what fuel purpose. While bad old run of the mill Mediocrity is fuelled by destructive habits, being misunderstood, a sense of unworthiness, simply not knowing and feeling excluded. So, how do you make that shift from one side to the other…? Do you go and get some chocolate or maybe some ice cream? Do you just go buy another car or dress or fragrance? Perhaps you need a trip to a far away exotic destination? Well I can tell you right now, all those things are really yummy and great fun, but sorry folks they wont get you to the other side; your true quest, your life’s purpose. You actually have to do the hard yards, which means the inner work. Yep, the hard-core personal development on yourself… that my Shining Ones is how you get there.

Heres a little Soul talk for you

“Expressing Our Souls Purpose.”
It is the destiny of each human being to awaken to their divine nature and to discover and express their unique calling. We discover our true place by following the wisdom of the heart and going within for guidance and direction. This month we move from the inner work of personal growth and alignment as the Self to our outer expression in the world. We express our talents and seek to join our gifts with those of appropriate partners to release the potential of each member of the groutp. Our barometer of success is the sense of joy and fulfillment in coming home to our selves.


Integrity means Truth


Hi peeps,

March is the month of the Healer Archetype and the Animal Wisdom of the Bee. The Primary Light Attribute for the Healer is Integrity, she invites you to view your life through the lens and question of…

“Am I in integrity or out of integrity?” 

This provides a doorway into staying in the truth of who you are, she is a constant reminder that Bee-ing on purpose is all that matters.

And Bee-ing on purpose actually means ADDING VALUE – simple I know, but true. 

The archetypical patterning of the Healer and Bee reminds you to stop getting too busy doing stuff and start Bee-ing productive and on purpose around how you can Add Value to your life and the life of others.

Know Yourself Discover Your Purpose And Live A Larger Story 

Elizabeth Ellames


If you want to learn more about the art of ADDING VALUE… My Next SEMINAR is coming up on March 27 – 28 registration details on the top right hand side of this page!