The Dove


The Dove archetype represents the feminine power of giving, prophecy, and the hope of a new beginning. The Dove shows and reveals the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. The dove is the joyful keeper of the higher heart, the doorway to our creative soul.

Attuning To The Design Of Creation

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Unite Your Light WOMEN 2015 – August 30th


Quest Speaker – Souzi D. Wilson THE PERFORMER


Social Synergy Focus 8: Attuning To The Design Of Creation

Attribute Loving

As we gain access to our collective wisdom, discover our shared destiny and experience group synergy, a new form of governance emerges: self-governance. Attuning to the design of creation, we allow for decisions and right action to be revealed. Led by the self-organizing laws of nature, we observe, “What wants to happen”.

We naturally desire to make optimum choices, which honor our interconnectedness with all life. We evolve beyond parliamentary procedure, as well as consensus decision-making, into synergistic cooperative democracy and whole-systems knowing.

Revelation joins with thinking to support us in governing ourselves as one living system. True self-governance emerges as we stabilize as our Radiant Self and listen to the guidance from within and speaking our truth in unity with others.

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How you get on purpose and add value?


You have to name the problem or obstacle first before you can begin to create the solution. Mm… So, what do you see in the world that needs correcting. For me it’s that pesky mediocrity, which of coarse comes in many forms. Finding your purpose is all about the way you identify and clarify where you believe you can add value… this is what really counts. After you have taken the time to connect at this level it’s important to get really specific around how you are going to create this positive change in the world.

The challenge I see in the world is “Mediocrity” and the way I want to correct and transform it is by starting at the root cause, which is with the people. You see my quest is to create True Prosperity and Build Culture, while my persistent obstacle mediocrity. My commitment is to tend to both of the first concepts. The simple truth is they both live in the mind and heart of the person housing them. We either have a desire to prosper or a desire to remain the same and it’s my purpose in life to help people find their own prosperity and culture.

That’s what will change the world!! Generosity of spirit, a brightness of the future, feelings of blissfulness and the restoration of a complete life are what fuel purpose. While bad old run of the mill Mediocrity is fuelled by destructive habits, being misunderstood, a sense of unworthiness, simply not knowing and feeling excluded. So, how do you make that shift from one side to the other…? Do you go and get some chocolate or maybe some ice cream? Do you just go buy another car or dress or fragrance? Perhaps you need a trip to a far away exotic destination? Well I can tell you right now, all those things are really yummy and great fun, but sorry folks they wont get you to the other side; your true quest, your life’s purpose. You actually have to do the hard yards, which means the inner work. Yep, the hard-core personal development on yourself… that my Shining Ones is how you get there.

Heres a little Soul talk for you

“Expressing Our Souls Purpose.”
It is the destiny of each human being to awaken to their divine nature and to discover and express their unique calling. We discover our true place by following the wisdom of the heart and going within for guidance and direction. This month we move from the inner work of personal growth and alignment as the Self to our outer expression in the world. We express our talents and seek to join our gifts with those of appropriate partners to release the potential of each member of the groutp. Our barometer of success is the sense of joy and fulfillment in coming home to our selves.


Adopted Archetypes


Authentic Archetypes & Adopted Archetypes

The Living Attributes© system is a body of work that has many components. But its fundamental foundations are its configuration of a persons four main archetypes, which are referred to as Cornerstones. Each Cornerstone along with its traditional archetypes also has a set of affiliated support, such as light and shadow attributes, animal wisdom, ancestors and angels. This affiliated support is there to strengthen and give substance to your archetypical patterning. Once identified and established this light-filled system gives you an effective tool that aids you on your path of personal and spiritual development.

Before you are able to fully embrace your four cornerstone archetypes, you may have to let go of some adopted archetypes. You adopted these specific archetypes for reasons that are attached to your past. These adopted archetypes have devotedly been protecting a particular part of you that you haven’t been ready to consciously reveal. These adopted archetypes play out particular behaviors in your life and eventually become what appear to be destructive, negative or helpless scenarios. What is really occurring is that your adopted archetype are insistently letting you know it is time for completion and integration; making way for your authentic archetypes.

The insightful process of releasing your past through the acknowledgement of adopted archetypes, aids in your personal evolution and gracefully helps you wake up to a new and deeper reality. This valuable discovery invokes the feelings and thoughts such as; “there must be something more to my life than this”? This type of reflective inquiry is when you begin the powerful journey into your authentic self, and it is your adopted archetypes that actually led you to this inquiry. Their function is to invoke and awaken in you your four authentic archetypes, which ultimately make up the perfect configuration of your highest and most sacred archetype, which is your worldly archetype; your Avatar.

The key factor in the discovery of your adopted archetypes is not to make them wrong. After all they have been doing their best to keep you somewhat safe, until you can confidently go deeper into your self-development and claim your authentic archetypes, which are appropriate to this life-time.

So I encourage you to view your life as a story line, one that has different chapters and characters, which all add to creating an interesting and exciting story; your larger story. It is very important to see the significance of each chapter and character… and why they were a crucial part in the narrative development of your own personal story. It is only then that you begin to live your life from a conscious viewpoint, eager to live your life fully and never wanting to miss a moment of this incredible story you are co-creating and sharing with the world.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth 

Creating A Sacred Garden


As it is the month of the HEALER in the Living Attributes Typology, I thought it fitting to share some information on how you can work with the healing forces that are ready willing and available in your garden. And how gardening can also have a spiritual effect on your own nature.

Gardening, as a spiritual discipline, forces us to live wholly in the present, to acknowledge each moment’s special beauty and its brevity. When we observe a bee alight upon a perfectly formed sunflower, we can choose to ignore it and keep weeding or pause to attend to its passing glory. There is a part of each gardener pushing forward, calling us to plan, to labor, to produce. But there is another part that stops planning, laboring, producing—stops and holds still within an endless moment. If part of each gardener seeks to alter the landscape, another part simply loves this sensuous world while acknowledging its mortality.

Spiritual gardeners do not seek to freeze this world into static perfection. Rather, they recognize where true gold is found. The Greeks called the goddess Aphrodite “the golden one” because of the way in which love transforms the beloved with radiant beauty. A similar radiance illuminates the garden when it is tended with love and deep care.

Just as love among people is based on intimate knowledge, so too for the gardener. While it is easy to be infatuated with the colors and fragrances of a plant whose name you do not know, real relationship is built upon knowledge: of a plant’s preferred conditions for growth, its season of bloom, its history and lore. So the final part of magical gardening is understanding the plants that compose the garden as well as the design principles that join them into a complementary whole.

The Marigold for instance: it is a sun-loving annual of the genus Tagetes, named for the god Tages, who taught the Etruscans how to find gold through divining. It has a long history of connection with the metal sharing its flower’s hue; its common name derives from an early Christian practice of offering it in place of coins at Marian altars, hence “Mary’s gold.” Valued for its healing properties, marigold has been used in many ways: as a garnish on broth to strengthen the heart, as an ointment for toothache, as a wart remover when mixed with wine. A favorite companion plant for many vegetables, it is thought to repel the parasitic worms called nematodes; its pungency is also said to repel four-legged pests like rabbits from devouring the lettuce. Planting marigolds, the spiritual gardener is reminded of their “Story of Glory” and where we can grow true prosperity in our own life.

Psychic Enthusiasm – Petunia

Encourage Strength  – Cocks Combs

Marigolds, Petunias and Cocks Combs are what I planted in my Sacred Garden this summer – I have loved tending to them and watching them grow.

cropped-0002ch.jpeg Elizabeth Ellames 


Integrity means Truth


Hi peeps,

March is the month of the Healer Archetype and the Animal Wisdom of the Bee. The Primary Light Attribute for the Healer is Integrity, she invites you to view your life through the lens and question of…

“Am I in integrity or out of integrity?” 

This provides a doorway into staying in the truth of who you are, she is a constant reminder that Bee-ing on purpose is all that matters.

And Bee-ing on purpose actually means ADDING VALUE – simple I know, but true. 

The archetypical patterning of the Healer and Bee reminds you to stop getting too busy doing stuff and start Bee-ing productive and on purpose around how you can Add Value to your life and the life of others.

Know Yourself Discover Your Purpose And Live A Larger Story 

Elizabeth Ellames


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