Find Out Your Archetypes – Your higher purpose and vocation in life is designed to suit who you are.

Your higher purpose in life reaches to you through your deepest desires and instinctive nature. Helping you to serve the world in ways that no one else can. Your gifts and abilities are afforded to you through your spiritual nature and come in the form of your Archetypical Patterning.

These gifts quietly live in your inner world, waiting for you to start crafting your blessings, of which you can share with the world. Having faith in your self worth holds the necessary keys to moving forward in life. And as you go deeper into yourself and heal your emotional wounds the clearer your higher purpose becomes.

Your higher purpose has always been buried deep in you patiently waiting to be seen. An element of your illuminated nature wanting to shine anew, with your radiant light. This is your time to step forward, your time to surrender and honour your Higher Purpose.

Your sacred contract with our world beckons to you and your archetypical destiny awaits your arrival with celebration.

Elizabeth Ellames creator of the Living Attributes Typology

Discover how your particular archetypes govern your inner world and bring to life powerful energies that shape your destiny. Elizabeth Ellames, creator of the Living Attributes Typology takes you on a deep exploration of your ‘archetype patterning’, where you access your creative potential and learn how your personal story informs your life purpose.

Consultation | Cost – $150.00

Duration – 90 min session

Tel: 040 330 9696