“It’s easy to break a twig, but impossible to break a bundle; Unity Strengthens – Aesop’s Fable

Empowerment Circles are a safe space for women to deepen their awareness of their own lives and their place in the world. They support you to fully show up in life with your story; your values and what you want to take action on around social change. They expand and accelerate your actions, motivation, and transformation.

An on going series of Empowerment Circles that – Engage and Nourish Women, Build a Stronger Community and Encourage Collaboration and Support.

ACTIVATION – The first objective is to help activate you toward your empowerment. These circles are for women who believe in empowerment and purpose. It’s an invitation to come along and participate – regardless of where you are on your journey. All women are welcome – as long as they have a genuine desire to take the next step. Within the circle format, women can form “Power Pods”, talk with other women without being judged, and share their journey, ideas and any questions.

MOTIVATION – Giving women the opportunity to network with other social change agents and hear about projects and create their own projects, or just learn some tips. It’s designed to be an easy, inspiring and safe experience for women to take their first or next step toward their Social Change Empowerment. My intention is to create a space for women to collaborate and form relationships built on women’s empowerment – a belonging space for an active social change community.


TRANSFORMATION – Being a part of these circles clearly demonstrates your committed to your own empowerment, and your commitment to creating positive social change in the world – Your participation also gives you automatic membership into the NOW Leadership Inc. community – which affords you a 20% member reduction on all services, seminars, events, and programs on the NOW Leadership Inc. website. www.nowleadershipinc.com

CO-CREATIVE AND VISIONARY – The future of Empowerment Circles is largely in the hands of the women who participate in them. They are co-creative by nature and my passion and vision are to maintain a format that is both self-organizing and easy to use so that the community can evolve quickly – accelerating connection and collaboration for the purpose of social change action.

INCLUSIVE, FUN AND INSPIRING – One thing I have learnt in growing “Power Pods” over the years –  is that activating women to create change requires that the community is inclusive, fun and inspiring – this formula makes a huge difference in the resonance of the Empowerment Circles and the individual Power Pods.

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Goodwood Community Services Inc

Goodwood, Adelaide

Wednesday morning NOV 27th at 10.00am – 12.00pm

or Thursday evening NOV 28th 6.30pm  to 8.30pm

The cost for each 2hr Circle Session = $30.00

and the full program of 20 fortnightly circles = $600

For more information please contact me


ELIZABETH ELLAMES  Tel: 040 330 9696