Making the SHIFT…

The key to personal development and emotional healing is to first stop and identify your negative thinking in the present moment…

It’s like this… “research suggests that if a negative or shadow attribute has presented its self as a thought or feeling and you’re able to simply recognise it and say it” – this action will instantly reduce the power or charge of that thought and feeling by 50% – This small action will shift the electrical charge away from the old “fight and flight” centre of the brain the “amygdala” to the “neocortex” part of the brain where rational thinking occurs.

So, just imagine if you replace that shadow attribute with a light attribute – Let me share with you WHY the “correct and transform” process in the Living Attributes system is so effective. 


Here’s an example – You are feeling an intense amount of “blame” running in your system, about something or someone and it keeps “looping” in your mind. Looping is a term I use for something that just keeps repeating as a thought or feeling, which is, in this case, connected to the shadow attribute of “blame”.

But what if you could use a “correct and transform” process in the present moment by literally shifting your thoughts and feelings to a new mindset away from blame, to one of forgiveness?

Lets do the math – So, if you can shift your negative thinking 50% by simply identifying how you are feeling, you must be able to shift your mindset even more by offering a positive attribute as an alternative, this replacing process is going to give you at least an 80% improvement if not 100%. I’d say that’s a pretty good outcome for a significantly “small” conscious action.

And the more you are able to practice this “correct and transform” process the stronger the new neural pathways in your brain become. Image having a brain reinforced with electrons that are constantly firing away with thoughts and feelings of living a life with enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, love, hope, confidence, gratitude, kindness and forgiveness.

The real question is – “Are you ready to give up your habitual thinking, feelings, and behavior?” If you are, you will soon become the master of your thoughts and feelings.

And experience the freedom of living your larger story, one of purpose, inner peace, and fulfillment.

Elizabeth Ellames 

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Learning To Trust Yourself

Throughout my career, I often thought “What if there is NO one formula for success across the board like they say there is?”

What if each person has or more like are encoded by their own formula?

My distinction around this was very clear; what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. So I took it one step further and developed a system that reveals why being successful is more about a set of values or attributes, which make one feel successful from the inside out and let’s face it, if you don’t feel successful, you’re not, no matter what your life looks like or what anyone tells you.

I’d go as far to say that the majority of the things you want to accomplish in life can be accomplished — if it weren’t for your Limiting Core Belief, which is either the fear of failure or the fear of success and the powerful feelings that are connected to this belief. Your first step forward is to identify your Limiting Core Belief.


Is it the Fear Of Failure or the Fear Of Success?

A limiting core belief is a problem, not because it’s hard to change, but because it can be hard to catch. Unfortunately, your limiting core belief is unconscious and unquestioned and has become a part of your natural day-to-day life, which makes it very hard to find. Other people’s limiting belief can be easy to spot because you’re on the outside looking in, but your own often remain hidden from you. Maybe something happened to you when you were young, such as a painful and significant childhood experience, which has affected your thinking, your confidence or self-worth. Resulting in many years of thoughts and feelings forming strong connective pathways in your brains.

Good news is when you correct and transform this old pattern of thinking

You will be able to do things you never thought possible. You will be bold, but calm and keen to grow beyond the norm. You will find passion in life and seize appropriate opportunities. To correct and transform your Limiting Core Belief, you first need to get to the root that caused it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need years of therapy. You don’t have to explore every dimension of your childhood or your relationships.

But you do need to do two things:

FIRST – You need to isolate your Limiting Core Belief. Start with the one that really interferes with your growth. For me, it was “fear of failure”, which was the driver that formed every other limiting belief down the track. What’s yours? You don’t feel good enough? You don’t make enough money? You’re not smart?  You aren’t lovable?

SECOND – Then you start the Correcting and Transforming Process using the Living Attributes Typology. You might feel a certain way about yourself, but that doesn’t make it true forever. And even if there was some truth in the original belief and feelings, you can acknowledge the pain, the lessons and the gifts that have brought you this point in your transformation.

If you’d like to be the master over your Limiting Core Belief and want to find a new sense of self that is empowered by Your Formula For Success, give me a call or drop me an email and we can get started.


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Elizabeth Ellames – Thanks for reading my blog…

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Are you living your PURPOSE?

It’s time to heed the call!!

Hi there, I am Elizabeth Ellames and I created a tool for you, called the Living Attributes Typology and by simply using this tool in your everyday life, you can become super clear on your unique archetype patterning and how you can change or enhance all areas of your life… Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and find your Life Purpose.

If you come along to my next retreat, you will identify your primary archetypes (personality types), along with their attributes and how they connect and interact with the world. In business, it can be used to gain insights into workplace dynamics, while on a personal level Living Attributes is a wonderful and highly regarded tool for developing self-awareness and providing the opportunity for people to reach their potential.

If you are looking to unlock your own potential, Living Attributes will reveal where you are expending energy, and how to stay on purpose; by being more focused, more productive, more proactive and responsive in your personal relationships and in your career.

It helps you stay on track, on purpose and reminds you that you don’t have to worry about what others are doing or saying. You only have to stay true to your mission in life. In a world full of distractions this is a simple yet powerful tool that keeps you focused on what matters most of all… “Your Life Purpose.”

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Elizabeth Ellames, the creator of the Living Attributes Typology has an exceptional understanding of people and their behavior. Her Living Attributes Typology is a leading edge tool, grounded in storytelling wisdom that enhances human potential. It takes people from the transition phase to transformation and onto self-empowerment.

Elizabeth’s role as your facilitator is to awaken you to Living Your Larger Story, through identifying your values and personal brand – She has an extensive skill base crossing; Story-Based Branding, Social Synergy, and Personal Development.

Learn how your particular archetypes govern your inner world and bring powerful energies into your life that shape your destiny.

Supporting and empowering women on a 5-day retreat who have a deep desire to inspire, influence and create impact in the world.


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Finding the YOU in community

cropped-0001qx.jpegI woke up the other morning with this very strong question – “What will it take to Grow a New Humanity?” and the answer was YOU!

Find the YOU in community because the truth is we as human beings are the light of unity. And the drive to evolve is now upon us, which is bringing forth the power of unity in our own lives and it is through this connection we will become the new humanity. Together, is the only way we can move forward and as we do the whole of creation will take a leap in consciousness.

There is nothing to change only awaken – the more we connect to this the more we know and feel what we are capable of achieving. Before the information and technology age, we are in now, we thought about the welfare of other species on the planet randomly. We often felt powerless and wondered how could we create change in the world, then would resign to the fact that I am only one person, so how can I make a difference.

It is through this age of information and technology that we have become informed and connected to each other and other areas of life on earth at a whole new level. This expanded reality is activating an evolutionary instinct of bestowal within us. We have now become conscious beings who want to correct and transform our world.

The first step in this new direction is to recognise what it is you want to do, what will be your legacy, contribution, and passion.

What matters to you in your LIFE?

When you find your thing don’t let anything stop you, actually when you do find it nothing will stop it, because what you have tapped into is the power of creation/evolution.

You are encoded to evolve humanity because you are humanity, which brings us back to the opening question and answer. What will it take to Grow a New Humanity? it’s YOU, so go find the best you in your community. You’re it, actually, we are it!  

Very special time and place in history I’d say. I invite you to share why what or how you are going to contribute to the evolution of humanity?

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Elizabeth Ellames – Thanks for reading my blog…

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To the Visionary Goddesses…


To you, My Beloved Visionary Goddess – I ask for an emotive story of the future of humankind and how they will add value to my Creation. You are to create dignity, purity, and clarity so that they may grow in wisdom. Be mindful as you remind them to correct their errors. Your role is to remind people that it is only through them that my Creation can be celebrated. Know that as the Visionary you see the world with a prophetic view. You will dream of hope and then bring a message of beauty to the world. A pure and wise mind will you be. I ask that you use your Light and use it well.

Your Animal Wisdom– Your beloved and trusted companion will be the Hawk. Who will teach you to scope out situations and focus on your talents with a clear and precise intention. Hawk sees the big picture in order to understand the past, present, and future. Hawk will ask you to be observant of your surroundings so you won’t get distracted from your path by others.

Your Angel Ray Zadkiel – I also give youZadkiel the Indigo ray of Sweet Beauty. Can you see him? His mix is but a mystery. Touch your own inner beauty my child and you will always see it in others. Love invites the heart, but it’s true Beauty that invites the Soul. For Beauty is a pure and mindful celebration of Creationspure intent. My Dear Visionary Goddess your Persistent Obstacle will be to overcome the habit of feeling Misunderstood, balanced by your True Quest and Light Law of Prophecy, which you will fondly live and promote. And for your good work, I will afford you the Lacing Laws of Purity, Clarity, Dignity, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Celebration and Beauty.

Shadow Side Of The Female Archetype

The Shadow Side Of The Archetypes In The Emotional Ream

The Shadow Side Of The Maiden uses her eternal adolescence to control her world around her… She eventually resembles the sulking or perhaps defiant teenager, making herself co- dependent on others to get what she wants… Which she then hides behind in order to not commit to the relaxed and flexible nature of her leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is…

Autonomy. Meaning – (the quality of being autonomous; independent.)


The Shadow Side Of The Teacher uses her quick to the answer approach to control her world around her… She eventually becomes judgmental and impatient with another’s inability to express themselves, this makes her devalue others, which she then hides behind, in order to not commit to the expressive and compassionate nature of her own leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is…

Cultivation. Meaning – (the improvement or development of something.)


The Shadow Side Of The Visionary uses her reclusive melancholy nature to control her world around her…. She often feels wounded and misunderstood by others making her withdraw and then deeply depressed, which she then hides behind, in order to not commit to the purity and wisdom of her nature and leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is…

Prophetic. Meaning – (predicting and for-seeing the future.)


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