Developing A Story Based Brand

Archetype and Avatar Branding goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding.


Why Is It Important? – The refreshing approach to Archetype and Avatar Branding invites you and your audience or community to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment. You and your audience connect through the values of your archetypes and avatars, (your brand) because you both instinctively resonate to a similar set of values and story.

Of course, what fulfills one person will not inspire another.


How do you find out what your brand is and what your audience is truly looking for… and how does that work in your life?

Working with the Living Attributes Typology is a practical tool that uncovers those needs. The process of identifying your combination of Story Archetypes (inner motivation) and Brand Avatars (outer motivation) collectively ignites and inspires your natural potential and the purpose of your brand.


This also reveals where your creative impulse and intention come from that drives your leadership style. Understanding the attributes of your different Story Archetypes and the qualities of your Brand Avatars adds value to your life and your brand, which in turn adds value to the lives of others by fulfilling their needs and desires.

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Elizabeth Ellames – My role as a story-based branding consultant is to take you through a step-by-step process that identifies and aligns you with your valuable story and your purpose in life; Your Brand

Love Your Past Your Present and Your Future


Why I use the concepts of icons and archetypes?

Firstly what are Archetypes – they are a universal and symbolic representation that teaches us about life and ourselves. Archetypes are the architects of story and life. There are literally hundreds of archetypes that have been our teachers through the medium of story telling for centuries. They live in the realm of fairy tales, mythology, theatre and now film. So through the process of an individual telling their personal story they are able to recognise their personal archetypes.

While an Icon – An icon is often an individual who has lived or is living out a very public archetypical journey, they are recognizable by their fame or celebrity and often have become immortalized by their charismatic nature. The public usually become somewhat fascinated with their lives or beauty simply because they are to some degree playing out the roles of demigods, teaching us about light and shadow attributes from a far, but not so far.

My discovery of why we do this kind of seeking and obtaining;

  • Perhaps we are instinctively attempting to pull away from our parents. And in doing so we often connect strongly to a particular public figure, who’s either in music, film, fashion, sport, television or literature. We may do it in a creative and somewhat expressive manner, like identifying with their music, their dress and their culture.
  • Perhaps it is simply for the purpose of developing a new identity outside ones current family unit.
  • Perhaps we do it because some where deep within our nature we know there is something about our chosen iconic figure that is just like us.
  • Perhaps what we are really doing is looking for an alterative tribe, a new leader, a mentor, a role model who has similar values to our own and who isn’t going to tell us to do our homework or clean our room.

At this point I would like to add who my iconic influence was as a teenager… DAVID BOWIE!!… and also because it’s a year since he left our world, it still makes my heart weep to know this amazing artist has left us, along with others such as Prince, Carrie Fisher and Alan Rickman and thats only to name a few.


Simply put we are intuitively looking for someone else to look up to, other than Mum and Dad.

For me BOWIE was perfect, he was a risk taker, a change agent, a true creative creature, a fashion icon and an absolute artist at heart… My spirit recognized him, because after all I also longed for all those things!!! So much so that I cut and coloured my hair like his, did my make up like his and even created costumes for others to wear similar to his, which were all influenced by his creative, flamboyant, androgynous, but very stylish appearance and progressive music.

Amazing how life shows up for us… I found a quote by Bowie just recently and of course it is very similar to what I now believe as an adult.

David Bowie

  • I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.

Elizabeth Ellames

  • Who am I? I am all that is, all that was and all that is yet to come… And my responsiblity to you is to be me.

For some of us we need to connect to something or someone outside our family to feel like we belong, I know that’s how it was for me. I had faced many challenges as a child all connected to abuse, so I am indeed extremely grateful for the creative influence that David Bowie provided, he became my Angel Prince from a far away Star Kingdom, who gave me my precious and most beloved gifts of CREATIVITY and HOPE.


I now known how important it is to be authentic when sharing your gifts, reason being, you never know who may be watching and truly counting on catching a little of your spectacular light that could grow into something greater within themselves some day.

Bravo Bowie, for it was you, who saved me from the shackles of convention and compromise.

Here are a few examples of other famous icons – Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Ned Kelly, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana. All these iconic figures have been major influences for many people, some even influenced nations.

Can you recall any of your most loved or admired ICONIC figures of present day, resent history or even ancient history?

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Shadow Side Of Female Archetypes

The Living Attributes Typology© guides you toward the true and powerful nature of Your Living Goddess… is it tough?

Yes it can be… sometimes it’s a little and sometimes a lot!
We often have to shift outmoded patterns (pain) from our mind and our body at these times of rapid revelation. But it’s in our ability to stay fully present to our own evolutionary shifts that aids our own empowerment and in turn contributes to the collective consciousness of women. 

I know veiling or denial of any part of my true nature; my own archetypes, has not been healthy or effective. And this is because I require, as my birthright, to own all of me. I need to own my Light as well as my Shadow. I am Benevolent and Destructive (Queen), I am Blissful and Unworthy (Divine Child), I am Prophetic and Misunderstood (Visionary) and I am Restoration and Exclusion (Alchemist). For me the compilation of these Light and Shadow qualities make up my true nature.

As conscious women, when we are able to stay present to our call, we are actually aiding in the correcting and transforming of the Feminine Shadow that has been entangling the threads of our social fabric for centuries.
Together we can weave a new, stronger, vibrant and respectful social fabric, where we are all equal and acknowledged for our contributions.
The Living Attributes Typology is a tool that helps women re-create a new social fabric that supports women as they grow in their desire to SUCCEED. 

But first we have to acknowledge the nature of the shadow that dwells within each of us.

Here are three archetypes in the physical realm – they each have a shadow side and an authentic true quest.

The Shadow Queen uses her bossy, sometimes ruthless behavior to get want she wants… She may become destructive to gain power, which she then hides behind, in order to not commit to the responsible and strengthening nature of her leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is… Benevolent. Meaning – (generosity of spirit)                                                                                   00016D_3

The Shadow Hero fixes her opinions of others to maintain her position and status… She may become egotistical, which she then hides behind, in order to not commit to the passionate and transforming nature of her leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is… Altruistic. Meaning – (unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.)                                                                        0002ld

The Shadow Healer applies her compulsion for rescuing others to control her world around her… This can turn her into the victim, in turn making her the helpless one, which she then hides behind, in order to not commit to the devoted and radiant nature of her leadership that demonstrates her authentic quest, which is… Resurrection. (The state of one who has returned to life.) 


We often find it hard to own all sides to our nature; Light and Shadow, but it is through the accepting of our shadow in conjunction with our light that we get to see how it is the driving force toward our True Quest.

It’s all there for a reason… and when we begin to understand our human evolution, when we can face our fears, our judgments and our overwhelm, we start to see and develop an inner knowing, which repeatedly becomes our compass that directs us back home every time.


Valuable Tool

Here is a meditation video and intro to the Living Attributes Daily Practice – this video has been created to help women stay centred and connected to their archetypes.

It’s a valuable little tool to use when you’re at work or any time during your busy daily life.

Every woman is a Living Goddess waiting to be born onto this earth…
As you embark on this glorious journey into the realm of the Goddess, know that its process is more natural than any worldly practice you may encounter. Know that the real power of the Goddess is in you, in me and is a much needed force on our planet today.
Awaken her Love, her Light, and her Luster in you and feel the true power you were designed and destined to be.

To Be Woman
To Be Effective
To Be Powerful
Is To Live The Natural Force Of The GODDESS

Book in to find out your combination of archetypes and start using this subtle but powerful meditation as your daily practice.


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The Eagle

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The Eagle archetype shows us that people with high ideals need to be able to spread their wings so they can reach for the stars. Eagle brings the gift of clarity of vision. As long as we follow our intuition we will be heading in the right direction.

Your Story Creates Your Value


image from the movie – The DRESSMAKER

“Did you know the most successful presentations are about 65% stories and 25% figures, with the remainder an explanation of your credibility?”

Even though a presentation needs many elements to create magic, it’s hard to deny the power a great story can add to a presentation.

A well-crafted story can take your audience far away from the world of business-jargon and inspire them to truly feel your message, imagine scenarios, and envision fresh ideas. As a result of your story and emotional impact of your tale, your audience will often remember the overall message of your presentation for many years to come.

For your presentations, consider starting with a story, ending with a story, or weaving a narrative throughout your entire presentation; which ever option you choose, your audience will relish the experience.

Here are a few more ideas on creating an effective presentation – it’s very important to develop your own lexicon; the language connected to your brand. This is what strengthens your story and creates quality engagement – You must first and foremost become a committed and talented storyteller of your own Brand!

• Live within your brands philosophy by telling your story well and only speak that particular language around your audience/tribe/community.

• To serve your audience well, they have to recognize your lexicon as their language too – this is a large part of identifying who your tribe actually is.

• You must create and know the lexicon and story of your own Brand so well that you become fluent with its story and message, which helps others to pick it up and want to follow it and share it.

BIG TIP PEEPs – don’t copy other peoples lexicon and story thinking it will work for your personal brand and story. It is extremely important and necessary that your lexicon and story are BORN out of YOU; they need to be an expression of your absolute authentic truth. That is what makes your message powerful!


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