What do you love to do?

 “Master your talents, create your art, always give generously and never give up on your loved ones or yourself…” this is my motto in life.

Do you love getting together with other women who want to share their talents to make a difference in the world? Knowing your gifts or purpose in life is only the first step. I’ve discovered, that it’s in the interaction and connections within a community that women begin to see how their particular gifts can be of real value.

Here’s what I love to do…

I love supporting women to discover their purpose in life and become new style leaders who collectively contribute to creating social change.

And here’s why I came up with the concept of Unite Your Light Women “New Style Leadership”


  • Throughout my career, I have consulted with 100’s of women from diverse backgrounds.
  • Discovered the directive power of applying the concept of archetype patterning in all areas of my work.
  • Attentively created and facilitated numerous transformation processes and seminars for women over many years.
  • And I have a few other quirky talents; Pattern Recognition and Trend Forecasting


What you’ll be doing if you join the Unite Your Light tribe?         

You’ll be on a Stella Team where you’ll COLLABORATE and CO-CREATE by CONNECTING your intentions, your passions or your visions with other light-minded women.

Discover how Social Synergy creates Social Change 

How will we achieve this?

By learning and then applying these 5 “P” commitments

  • giving yourself  PERMISSION
  • being totally PRESENT          
  • choosing to live your PURPOSE        
  • being willing to fully PARTICIPATE
  • and collectively create authentic POWER

If you are interested in joining Uniting Your Light WOMEN, please contact me.

Check out our story – unite-your-light-backstory

Email: elizabeth.ellames@ozemail.com.au

IMG_6748 2


Women Uniting To Create Social Change

Let’s Change The Story Of Adversity To One Of Prosperity For All - To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the benefits of UNITY – Each participant pays $20.00 a month to attend.


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