Our Point In The Heart Reveals Our Gift To Humanity


‘A Point in The Heart’ – my point in the heart took me to Paris.

Here is my discovery about that journey.

Our gifts become fully revealed to us at a particular point in time and remind us of the brilliant nature of GOD.

  • They are our unique configuration of light, a blessing and expression of our souls imprint onto this world.
  • They are the perfection of GOD’s light within us.
  • They are the most precious and valuable thing we will ever have.

This photo is incredibly and precisely one of those amazing moments, a few years have passed since this photo – but many more divine jewels have now come to light.

When we don’t truly value our gifts, we in fact are demonstrating to the world of light (upper worlds) that we don’t value the true nature of God – we become disconnected or remain disconnected and live a life of repeated suffering.

In that one moment, that one elated, profound moment I was actually experiencing an exclusive and intimate union with my God. I mind fully use the words exclusive and intimate because they are exactly the way to describe the experience that created the full and sparkling reveal of my gifts in that moment. It was like I was 200% present, I guess when you are that present all is revealed, even God. That is why I had to turn out the window and commune with my Creator.

What I was saying as I look out the window, was this –

“Dear, Dear God – I am so truly and deeply grateful to have been given such a blessed life. Glory be to thee in the highest.” Amen.

I now know what was occurring in that MOMENT (that 200% present moment) was a major process of “correcting and transforming”, it recalibrated my life forever.

Many, many life experiences were healed right there and then…  and all my innate gifts were illuminated.

I received Sanctity in that one precious moment… I am eternally grateful and forever changed from the experience.

Elizabeth Ellames – The Change Agent



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